Hi Sister Friends....
I know.  I used to hate that girly stuff and "sister" words too.   Until....I realized how lost I am without a powerful community of women around me who are...

Real, Vulnerable, Truth Tellers ....who can relate to what I'm going through.

In 2012 I founded the Fire Wife Sisterhood, as a community to strengthen marriages of firefighters.

Now, 7 years later, I'm an ex-fire wife who left it all on the table fighting for my marriage.....and I would have never survived that season without a  sisterhood around me.

As an online business owner, I'm surrounded by another sisterhood of work-from-home-moms who say "I see you, girl.  Take a breather but don't quit now."

As a divorced, single mom, I have a local community of new sisters learning to navigate this season together.

I'm just another "regular girl" who fights every woman's battle of self-worth and self-confidence in my own swirling thoughts.  (And I won't pretend it doesn't happen behind those pretty pics on social media!)

No matter your season, we are all stronger together.
I invite every woman to move with me into my NEXT season of sisterhood.
Experience Sisterhood Live

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Open to..... mompreneurs, fire wives and any woman who needs that moment to remember she's got this.

Grow your community of real women who lift you up.
Experience a break through in your stumbling blocks 
Leave with a clear plan and motivation to act on it!
© 2019 by The Sisterhood Experience / Mercer Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reseved.
© 2019 by The Sisterhood Experience / Mercer Unlimited, Inc. All Rights Reseved.